William Chase: My writing story

I love writing. I didn’t use to, but in 2015 I caught that “bug.” Just a simple article about my previous internship with the Richmond Flying Squirrels did the trick.

Before that, I didn’t have any interest in writing. I was working at State Farm at the time, and while grateful for it to be one of those first jobs out of college, it was never what I was meant to do.

Whatever that is.

Well, I knew sports are what I was meant for, in some capacity. So I started thinking about how I wanted to get back to the sporting scene, and writing became a way to add something of relevance to my resume.

Shortly thereafter I wrote the article about my Squirrels internship, and not long after, I was writing for Rant Sports. That led to Cubbies Crib, Elite Sports NY. All great platforms and opportunities to write.

I don’t consider myself a “professional” writer by any means, but I like to think I have some idea of what I’m doing.

Being able to grow and garner some type of success is obviously the goal. I’ve had articles picked up by Bleacher Report which is always a thrill. I’ve expanded my network which is always good. I have been able to interview ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick and YES Network’s Jack Curry, current and former athletes.

I feel lucky that I’ve had, what I consider, the minimal success I’ve had.

This website was launched in 2016 with the desire to grow and grow and grow. As a writer, and to expand my website, brand, and platform. 


Sometimes it’s damn frustrating knowing you’ve put hard work into an article and not received the interest you think you deserve. But it makes me that much more determined to create an even better piece next time. I also try to put myself in the shoes of my fellow peers, readers and writers alike.

I’m the first to admit that I am bad when it comes to reading. And if I’m not reading others hard work, I can’t blame those that may not be clicking on what I have. You have to prove yourself among your peers and convince people you don’t know why you’re worth their time.

I really admire all the people I’ve come to know in writing circles, seeing how far they’ve grown and what they’ve accomplished. I’m happy for people who catch on with major outlets because it just goes to show how much is possible.