The Simpsons – A look back: Glancing at an American Institution

The Simpsons, an American Institution of comedy, is network TV’s unparalleled success due to originality, parodic references, and staying relevant. 

I’ve been itching to write about The Simpsons for quite some time and figured this as good a time as ever to do that.

So where does one start with the show that has literally done it all?

An American Institution, The Simpsons (1989 – Present) have been on as long as I’ve been around — I’m 28. I feel as though I’ve grown up with Homer and Marge, Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.

The longest-running American sitcom, animated or otherwise, The Simpsons have covered everything imaginable during its run. Featuring your typical American family, the premise of the show underscores the ridiculousness that occurs to Homer, Marge, their 2.5 kids.

All of Springfield’s cast of characters have provided copious amounts of laughs through the years.

An excuse to watch the Simpsons…Not that I need one

So where am I going with this Simpson’s dissertation?

I’m going to review each season by season, highlighting the best episodes, funniest scenes, cast of characters and much more.

How long this endeavor ultimately takes is beyond me, but as I write this, what I’ll consider the pilot of this series, it has long been an entertaining idea.

The show’s creator, Matt Groening and his contingent of writers — which even included Conan O’Brien for a time — poke fun at anything and everything, even its longtime FOX Network home, with impeccable gags, one-liners, and cultural relevance.

The bread and butter of the series.

One such example occurs in Much Apu About Nothing, 1996, featuring the politicized aspect of legal immigration — Apu as an illegal immigrant — which the episode brings as a secondary plot to literally shift the focus of Mayor Joe Quimby’s buffoonery with regard to a loose bear rummaging Springfield.

Viewers are sure to notice every reference, hidden and obvious, classic parody and cultural trend. Anyone who’s lived life, is a sports fan, an art lover, world traveler, or foodie, The Simpsons have you covered.

What an amazing run of 28 years — and counting — so let us take a look back.

Season 1 next.