I've always wanted to be a Simpson. This is as close as I've gotten so far.

William Chase

I graduated as a Communications Major in 2013 from Longwood University. When I started college, we were associated with the Facebook game Farmville. Now we have illustriously been attached to the name Norwood thanks to VP Mike Pence.

In 2013 I interned with the Richmond Flying Squirrels and worked at State Farm after that.

Then in 2016, I worked as the Media Relations & Marketing Intern with the Augusta GreenJackets in Augusta, GA. I basically drove promoted and demoted players to the airport wrote all the external publications like press releases and created newsletters, ran the social media, interacted with the players. I created graphics for the website, was interviewed for a book, made my first radio appearance, witnessed my first no-hitter. Baseball historian and columnist Lamar Garrard wrote about me in an article — GreenJackets and fans honor the military.

Miguel Gomez was one of the players I knew and drove to the airport when he was promoted to high-A San Jose. He was called up to the majors in 2017 and this is him getting his first MLB hit.

I also ran the press box, facilitated lineup card exchanges, interviewed former Augusta GreenJackets manager, and World Series Champion, Roberto Kelly, Los Angeles Dodger Charlie Culberson (who went on to clinch the NL West with a walk-off home run Sept. 25, and was in the 2017 World Series), former MLBer Tyler Colvin, Rick Hader aka Myron Noodleman, assisted MLB Network Radio, MiLB.com, and local media outlets with conducting interviews — Clay Rapada, Grant Watson, Bryan Reynolds, Michael Connolly, Jake McCasland, Miguel Gomez.

You can read all about it here.
I also went to Nashville, Tennessee for the annual MLB Winter Meetings.

It's stupid perfect how I appear to have long hair when I, in fact, don't. It just happened to be perfect placement in front of someone who does.

When I'm not appearing in the background of popular TV networks, best-manning weddings, or taking pictures from my airplane seat, I am a Senior Staff Writer for FanSided's Cubbies Crib and a Staff Writer for SB Nation's The Cannon.

Over the past year, I have acquainted myself with FanGraphs, making a point to expanding my knowledge of the sport with the successful application of advanced metrics and player analysis. My contributions for Cubbies Crib helped boost the site to No. 2 in annual traffic amongst all Fansided MLB sites with over 7 million views in 2017. For Aug. 2016, I was named Writer of the Month with 18 articles, a high among writers, and third overall for the site. In Jan. 2018, I was named 2017 Writer of the Year, as decided by my editors. 

For The Cannon, it's more of a challenge covering hockey and especially recapping games. It's an area I continue to improve in, and the next goal for myself is to be credentialed. As of now, I've taken more of a conservative approach concerning player analysis and advanced metrics — PDO, Corsi — and I continue to evolve in this realm.

You can follow me @WillChase_ and on Facebook.

impromptu White House stop.