NHL: My Top 10 Sweaters

Taking on the task of ranking the top 10 sweaters across the NHL is no easy task. Alas, here’s my list of the top 10 based on originality, style and more.

When it comes to something so arduous, so subjective and yet as of utter importance as a list like this, it is no surprise that it becomes a challenge trying to compile a list of the top 10 NHL sweaters across the league. Because there’s 10 teams represented below, that figures to mean there’s 20 other upset fanbases. Well, I don’t even know if this list would be my list tomorrow if I had to pick again. I like these 10, and whether based on team history, originality, uniqueness, simplicity, even color and a combination of it all, somehow, these 10 made my list.

1 Chicago Blackhawks

I could almost throw a dart at the order of this list, but it goes without saying Chief Blackhawk represents one of sports’ greatest logos.  

2 Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins black and gold is as good as it gets from a color-scheme standpoint, and the old-school logo is only a win.

3 San Jose Sharks

What’s not to like about this one? The Sharks have always had a great design. Really, the only question for me was this versus their teal. The logo variation between the two, which, both great, is the winner here.

4 Minnesota Wild

Similar to San Jose, I had a tough(er) time here trying to pick between a home and alternate. I really like the red, with the “wild animal” across the landscape. I chose this one because something about the script Minnesota is simple, yet creative. It looks good against green.

5 Washington Capitals

Some might like the old Capitals sweaters, ya know, the eagle. But this has been a win for me since the team brought back the word mark and red. It’s simple, it just works.

6 Edmonton Oilers

This might represent more of the “glory-look” the Oilers represented in the 80s. Colors are good, the logo is classic.

7 New York Islanders

See above. Colors, classic logo.

8 Buffalo Sabres

Remember the “Buffa-slug?” Yeah. This is a logo that falls under the, if it’s not broke, don’t bother fixing it.

9 Calgary Flames

Whether it was Calgary’s home, with the black C, or this white-hot iteration, this is a win. Simplicity meets classic. It’s just eye-popping. And really what’s better than seeing a full sea of red in the stands?

10 St. Louis Blues

I really liked the Blues Winter Classic sweaters, maybe even more than this. But regardless, you can’t beat the elegance of the note

Honorable mentions: Red Wings, Bruins, Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Rangers and my Blue Jackets. I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention my Jackets. I own both the home and alternate. While I like both, I don’t love them.

So what’s your list?

William Chase

Upon taking up writing the summer of 2015, William's works have been featured across RantSports, Bleacher Report, EliteSportsNY, 27OutsBaseball, and Cubbies Crib of FanSided.
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