William Chase

I graduated as a Communications Major in 2013 from Longwood University. When I started college, we were associated with the Facebook game Farmville. Now we have illustriously been attached to the name Norwood thanks to VP Mike Pence.

In 2013 I interned with the Richmond Flying Squirrels and worked at State Farm after that.

Then, I worked as the Media Relations & Marketing Intern with the Augusta GreenJackets in 2016. You can read all about that here.

Some of the notables from my time in Augusta, Georiga:
I was interviewed for a book.
I was written about in the newspaper.
I witnessed my first no-hitter.

I also went to Nashville, Tennessee for the annual MLB Winter Meetings.

It's stupid perfect how I appear to have long hair when I, in fact, don't. It's just perfect placement in front of someone who does.
When I'm not appearing in the background of popular TV networks, best-manning weddings, or taking pictures from my airplane seat, I am writing for Cubbies Crib and RO BaseballYou can follow me at @willchase_ and Facebook.
impromptu White House stop.